Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Final Approach

Plot Summary: Mizuhara Ryo is a normal high school student. He was eating diner with his little sister, Akane, happily as usual…until a mysterious beautiful girl Masuda Shizuka suddenly broke into the room through the window. While they were surprised at sudden appearance of the strange guest, Shizuka said courteously that she was the bride elect of Ryo. Then, in order to accomplish a secret national project, men in black suits broke into the room.

RMVB format. Use real alternative or real player to view.
uploaded by inachi for Da-Anime
13 episodes in total

Epi 1: http://anonym.to/?http://www.megaupload.com/?d=B4HCCRLB
Epi 2: http://anonym.to/?http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MAE0UJNK
Epi 3: http://anonym.to/?http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GLHENE2S
Epi 4: http://anonym.to/?http://www.megaupload.com/?d=B12GG8OJ
Epi 5: http://anonym.to/?http://www.megaupload.com/?d=25TYMH74
Epi 6: http://anonym.to/?http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BWGEY0S5
Epi 7: http://anonym.to/?http://www.megaupload.com/?d=86V97ZIU
Epi 8: http://anonym.to/?http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4AJNFV9Q
Epi 9: http://anonym.to/?http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9WT8VPBV
Epi 10: http://anonym.to/?http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NYXH0L8F
Epi 11: http://anonym.to/?http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MECA9MJ6
Epi 12: http://anonym.to/?http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1DS1THJO
Epi 13: http://anonym.to/?http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Q4XQY29U

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The link for episode 8 is not valid. Please fix it, thank you!

2:48 am  
Blogger SadistiX said...

links fixed.
it was a typo error.

3:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Theres a problem with epi 6. It freezes when it plays a the beginning but the time keeps playing.
Can u fix it...

7:45 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also watch the episode 6 on real player.
Tell if that the reason the show isn't working, but the others work fine.

3:57 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When i said the others work fine i was going to say if the any other player work tell which one does.

11:51 am  
Blogger SadistiX said...

i already asked the uploader to reupload. pls hang on

2:36 pm  
Anonymous pharmacy said...

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