Saturday, July 01, 2006

Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals

Plot Summary: A continuation of the events from Final Fantasy V. 200 years after Batz and his friends saved two worlds from the threat of ExDeath, a threat arises and seeks to take the Crystals for itself. Linaly, a descendant of Batz, and her friend/protector Pretz journey to the Temple Of Wind to seek the source of this new danger.

RMVB format. open with real alternative or real player.
4 episodes in total. around 100MB per episode.

Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Episode 3:
Episode 4:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks bro your the best.
keep up the awsome job u do !!!

2:25 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this english dubbed?

6:54 am  
Blogger SadistiX said...

i think its subbed. i didnt turn the audio up when i was watching so i dunno about the audio.

1:53 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadistix, if you don't know Japanese, try listening to there voices to get the emotion. Turning off the audio is like living with no ears in real life :)

11:32 am  

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