Friday, July 21, 2006

Video Girl Ai

Plot Summary: Because Youta worried for another instead of dwelling on his own broken heart, he happened upon a very special video store that only the pure of heart can see. There, he buys what he thinks is a normal erotic video - until a girl climbs out of his television set. Her name is Ai, and thanks to a broken VCR, her personality is a little glitchy. Still, it's her job to help Youta feel better, and perhaps even help him get the girl of his dreams, even if Ai herself might be falling for him as well.

this is dual audio with english sub. It is ogm (~250 MB per episode) and of decent quality.
on animenfo top 200
uploaded by tencherry10 for Da-Anime

episode 1:
episode 2:
episode 3:
episode 4:
episode 5:
episode 6:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eh I think the manga is better a bittorent link is

10:03 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

does any body knows where I can Find VG-AI Live Action Version :S please (Onegai)

2:40 pm  

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