Monday, August 14, 2006

Angel Sanctuary

Plot Summary: Mudou Setsuna, a high school student, loves his sister in a way that he shouldn't. He also struggles from supernatural powers. Angels and demons flocks to him as the day of his awakening draws near -- he is the angel Alexiel, the highest angel which fought against God, reborn.

Okay I converted and uploaded this 3 episode OVA in MKV format. It's duel audio with opptional subs. A great anime and something original for the time. So give it a try and what not. Each episode is around 120mb.
uploaded by FLCL for Da-Anime

Episode One:
Episode Two:
Episode Three:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I downloaded this and when i try watching with vlc I only get audio.

1:46 am  
Blogger FLCL said...

VLC player is shit, man.

Download cccp

then use media player classic, which is also installed with cccp. This will allow you to watch AVI, MKV, OGM, etc on mpc.

3:18 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey i was wondering if megaupload changed their download limit. it use to be like 750mb, but now its lik 250mb. Is the download limit gettin shorter ever time now?? Cause now i have to wait about 5-6 hours for every 1 download.

12:18 am  
Blogger SadistiX said...

im not sure.

7:32 pm  

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