Friday, June 30, 2006

Forums down :(

ok, sorry for the late notice, guys.
the forum is down. very likely that we got deleted
warzone, pls reply here the situation. thx
or pls contact me via email. (email my gmail account pls thx)

some guy managed to steal my password and deleted everything.
but dont worry. warzone has backup. (some peeps might not be recovered)

SORRY! i misunderstood warzone's words. we dont have the database!!

warzone got the forum back up as vB.
we trying hard to recover as much stuff as possible.

I would like to make this clear: None of the uploaders (djblue or FLCL) are responsible for this attack. Pls stop accusing the good guys.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

PLZ. Say that you have an backup, plz.

5:47 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PLZ. Say that you have an backup, plz.

5:47 pm  
Blogger SadistiX said...

warzone contacted me.
there's a backup.
we bringing forums up on a better server.
also, warzone started an image hosting service.

reason for that is that some guy managed to get hold of my pass and deleted everything.

6:50 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

man that's some crazy shit. Hope DJ ain't bord again lol.

When you get everything back if you can salvage anything try to get the guys IP even tho it's probably not his 'real' one still send it to me *cracks nuckles*

Good luck with the recovery


9:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This supports an "Ongoing series" or "Incomplete" section of the blog, rather than just archiving links on the forum.

That way it's harder to delete what people have worked for >_<

9:50 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that man :( It was a great community you got going there. Hope everything turns out ok

10:31 pm  
Blogger SadistiX said...

well, we learn from our mistakes. luckily this didnt happen much later (when we have thousands of members and lots of shit)
from now on, we'll start backuping the database.
and me and warzone wont be using easy to guess passes...

10:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what this someone hack our site OMG i gonna fucking kill this bitch ARRRRRRRGG man all the hard work!! FUCK!!! man shit fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!!!! i'm so piss right now!! i hope u recover some data


2:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

even if they delete the data you should be able to use some freeware data recovery like pc inspector file recovery to recover most the data

2:17 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG are they down again?

9:05 am  
Blogger SadistiX said...

down? no.

11:25 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok the forums are p but now i cant register (wispy) my collage has blocked it :(

5:31 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope it wasn't someone who got angry because of the "americans are retards' comments :p

6:43 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the guy who did this was an american pissed of by the 'Americans are retards' comments :|

6:45 am  
Blogger SadistiX said...

i never made such comments before. when i returned from my vacation, i had 840+ emails waiting for me. 80% are comments...
yesterday, after i fixed my com, i had 177 comments waiting for me.

im not angry that u guys are participating by posting comments. but i CANNOT stand noobs refusing to read! i dont understand what's so difficult to spend 1~5 more sec to read!

10:50 am  
Blogger SadistiX said...

wispy, u want me to help u register? email me the username and pass u want. u can change the pass later.

1:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No idea what your email is :/

5:59 pm  
Blogger SadistiX said...

6:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

not just the forums,,, the entire da-anime network is down!! except this blogspot ofc... can som1 tell me when it'll be up again?

3:25 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow you guys really get hacked a lot or passwords guessed. Suggest add some encryption methods. Like on my clan forums. I have an ever changing (every 30 seconds) encryption password. Plus my password which is 20 letters, characters & symbols long. I have it saved on my enternal hard drive also encrypted.

Why so much security had a problem with people hacking my forums and server. So well added extreme measures since members don't like scum to interupt their forums :).

12:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you da-anime will be back soon. There is no other website as good as this one, lots of anime and lots of links with different size and sites. Good luck guys.

2:13 am  
Blogger Jones Morris said...

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6:32 am  

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