Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tekken - The Motion Picture

Plot Summary: After being thrown off a cliff as a child, Kazuya Mishima enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament to extract revenge from his father, multi-billionaire Heihachi Mishima. Meanwhile, WWWC operative Jun Kazama and Hong Kong detective Lei Wulong also enter the tournament to investigate on Heihachi's illegal activities involving cloning and genetic engineering. A handful of other skilled fighters are also in it merely to win the grand prize of $1 billion, not knowing of the true purpose of the tournament and fate that awaits them.

file is an rmvb as you can see less then a 100mb, qulaity is medium-bad but very watchable and its dubbed in english
uploaded by wispy for Da-Anime

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice, i didnt know of this, must see it :0

11:21 pm  

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