Monday, August 21, 2006

Phantom the Animation

Plot Summary: Zwei was an ordinary person, until one day, while walking the streets a night, he witnessed a brutal assassination. He managed to avoid the sniper, a young girl named Ein, but was soon captured, and had the memories of his former life erased. He is spared death only by accepting a condition : to train to become an assassin alongside Ein. Now he must find a way to free himself from this shady world and reclaim his life once again.

Type: OVA
Episodes: 3 complete
Format: .rmvb / subbed
uploaded by serly for Da-Anime.

01 -
02 -
03 -

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

can this anime really be only 3 episodes long!?!?!? seems far to short to really tell a decent story. the anime it's self is not really that bad, even though for me the graphics are a bit pixelated, burt thats probably just the way my screen is set up, guy stares around to much lol

sadistix, tyvm for uploading it, you have to deal witha bit of flack doin this website, so, from me and all my freinds, ARIGATO...

11:31 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


ALRIGHT!!! i admit it! a series can have only 3 episodes and tell a good story. Good anime, well paced, one of the best. could do with more episodes to develope the realationship between ein and zwei, and show some more action
^_~ good stuff

12:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's OVA, not the usual series. the series have 26 episodes.

5:41 pm  

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