Saturday, December 30, 2006

Jomommaz's Trigun Review

Plot: Vash the Stampede is a gunman on the run with a 60 billion double dollar bounty on his head which has made it difficult for him to go anywhere without being chased and shot at. Because of the bounty, every town he ever visits ends up being destroyed because of his pursuers, but miraculously no one ever gets killed. Meryl and Milly are two insurance agents that have been sent to find Vash the Stampede and keep him under surveillance so no more damage is caused. Meryl, who leads the pair, can't believe that the man they have met can possibly be the legendary gunman. This spikey haired, gangly, and blonde young man is extremely friendly, a pacifist, hates blood and suicide, absolutely loves donuts, and is a dork and a crybaby... there is no way he could be Vash the Stampede, a notorious outlaw. However, there's more to Vash than just smiles and donuts; a dark past that he would like to leave behind is hounding him, and some people are pursuing him for other reasons than the bounty.

Finally a great western-style anime with the perfect dub to boot. This Show has already be considered the best dubbed anime from Japan to North America due to the perfect voices which are arguably better than the originals. Trigun is the story of a man wanted for 60 billion double dollars..... later in the story as it becomes more complex there is much more to this story than the money and bounty hunters after him. But it shows the pain and suffering Vash The Stampede holds from a past long before the time of earth.
Their are basically 3 outstanding support characters who are Milly Thompson, Meryl Stryfe and Nicholas D. Wolfwood. They all have their roles towards vash as the story progresses making none of them seem pointless.

Story = 9/10
It's a wonderful story of a man who is blamed for things he had not committed. At first he doesn't ever fight until around 6 episodes where he is pushed to his limit and forced to shoot his gun for the sake of someone's life. Although some episodes seem fillerish they all have a purpose towards the greater plot.

They are all wonderful characters but of course the 2 supporting characters from some stupid insurance agency are annoying as ever. But the main character along with Nicholas D Wolfwood make up for it with their great skill with a gun.

Music= 4/10
Nothing from the soundtrack really sticks with me.... but who needs the music when ur watching fight scenes????

It was made in 1998 so it was considered awesome back then but nowadays the quality of the animations seem less vibrant.

Overall= 8/10
Great anime with horrid ending battle (no dramatic music playing) that should be absolutely considered to watch especially as an English dub because your tired of reading subtitles

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Blogger SadistiX said...

It's spelt as Trigun...not Trigan...=.=

12:17 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that this is one of the great Anime's from the late 90's. It's a Classic Anime as far as I am concerned, with a nice plot, and the 2 insurance girls give the story some sense of the ridiculous, giving it some nice humor where needed. It's a shame there is no sequel, as the characters are well developed in the later half of the series.

4:02 pm  

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