Sunday, July 30, 2006

Neon Genesis Evangelion Movies

Plot Summary of Death & Rebirth: During the early 21st century a meteorite crashed into Antarctica. After scientists went to study the crash a giantic explosion followed, classified as the 'Second Impact'. Shinji Ikari is a fourteen year-old boy who has come to Toyko3, a city that also serves as a fortress, to meet up with his father who left him many years ago. The city also happens to be under seige by monsterous creatures called 'Angels' at the time of his arrival. Somehow Shinji finds himself in Evangelion Unit 01, and manages to synchronize with the giant robot. Shinji is told to become its permanent pilot, and is thrown into combat as the city's last defense for fighting off the angels. However, as Shinji fights, he begins to realize the truth behind the Angels, the Second Impact, man's struggle against God and what he truely is afraid of.

Plot Summary of The End of Evangelion: Nerv is being attacked by Seele and Rei becomes one with Lillith. Together with the Spear of Longinus and the completed EVA-series, Shinji will decide whether or not mankind will cease to exist. He has to decide now if he wants to stay alive or be dead, but his decision will affect all of humanity

Uploaded by harold for Da-Anime
subbed. read FAQ before asking any questions
The End of Evangelion is the sequel of Death & Rebirth

End of Evangelion Part One
End of Evangelion Part Two
Death and Rebirth

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

These files dont work except for the first one of part 1 and 2, can you fix it?

12:11 am  
Blogger SadistiX said...

no they working

next time ask in forums or read FAQ

12:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um when I played Death and Rebirth, it was not sudded. Is that how they are or did my DL screw up?

11:58 am  
Blogger SadistiX said...

use VLC player. right click and select subtitles.

12:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what format are the movies?

11:49 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What format are the movies?

11:50 am  
Blogger SadistiX said...

not sure. but its definitely good =)
u can ask in the forums too

6:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can someone reupload it to filefront... because i can't use proxy to download from megaupload :(

10:37 pm  
Blogger SadistiX said...

u can request mirror in forum

3:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

er that movie seemed to be only the first movie Death ; /

11:57 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Death and Rebirth part 1 and 2 have expired due to inactivity

5:56 pm  
Blogger radenkan said...

hey thanks, i've wanted to see the movies to see if they provided a better ending, but instead they gave a more horrible ending and i found something interesting..if you didn't notice the slits on the wrists and the one on the forehead of giant Rei in EoE were actually vaginas lol

12:59 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

part 1 and 2 from death and rebirt expired, could u please reapload, 10x keep up the good work

5:50 am  

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