Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wispy's Spirited Away Review

Another good anime for me, but then again this seems to be one of those anime where you like it or you don't (ill try and give a mixed review ^^) btw I'm using the other version of spoilers cause its easier to add and looks nicer (and works better) if you have more than one spoiler ^^

Plot - Its a nice story of a young girl, Chihiro who, through a mysterious tunnel, ends up in a magical world where her parents get turned into pigs! The story to me seems kind of empty but, on the plus, everything is completely unexpected and its good enough to satisfy adults but simple enough for kids to follow (its a family film - One of the few family fantasy films that I've seen and I think it did an excellent job of appealing to both).
One thing I hated about the plot is that it doesn't seem like there's enough of it. The story feels like it deserves a series not a two hour movie, especially the time she spends working at the strange bath house ^^ but I suppose that would make the ending even worse then it already is. I'm not a fan of those everything's a dream/back to normal endings ^^
Concluding the plot section I give this a 7/10, it is a good story, but a bad ending (not terrible) and a feeling that its too short let it down.

Artwork - This amazed me, its simply fantastic. Studio Ghibli does an excellent job in animating in all the films, it kind of makes you forget about some of the plot holes and continuity errors ^^.
One complaint I do have in this department is that some stuff looks way to simple like no-face, just a black shape with a mask, I think they could put more effort here. I was however impressed with the river spirit
The film proves you don't need state of the art CGI to look amazing so I'm going to give it a 8/10 here (it loses two points cause some things do just look too simple)

Music - If I'm being honest i didn't notice much of the music, which is a good sign cause it means I didn't hate it! I'm going give it a 5/10 cause it does its job but nothings really catchy. Also (I can't comment on the original cause I was watching the dub) the main characters voice doesn't seem quite right, however I can you do forget this fact about 30mins into the movie. Overall a 6/10 for doing its job

Overall its a great film, but to short but if you like the genre (fantasy -without much violence I should add-/family) I say its a must watch (or if you need to entertain kids for about two hours) otherwise i don't think you would like it
-Final score 7/10

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I like the button spoiler format better but if you can make it so its just a blank box around the spoiler text and when you click on it , it reveals the text. That way its the same thing as the click but more compact so it can put put in the paragraphs without taking so much space.

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it's not easy installing scripts you know...

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