Monday, January 08, 2007

SadistiX's Hunter X Hunter review

Why is this anime amazing? Because it has 10 wiki pages dedicated to discussing the Hunter X Hunter universe. This is evidence that the story in this anime is so compelling and intriguing that people will watch over and over and research it.
I, personally, have watched it 2x, which is a feat, considering that its almost 100 episodes =/

Plot: Dude in some world (alternate dimension) discovers that his dad is the greatest Hunter ever and sets out to find his pop. Even though he is searching for his dad, his dad never once appear. What this is interesting is the amazing world that they leave in, where every day is an adventure, really.
Add to that Nen ability and a complexed system guarding it and commanding its use, you get an AMAZINGLY real story.
10 points for plot

Music: Not much music to speak of. Or, I was too engrossed in the story that I couldn't notice the music?

Graphics: This anime excels by its story, not its graphics, unlike animes like Karas and Zegapain. Besides, this was made wayyyy back.
However, the action in the anime is amazing. Why? Because it is fast-paced and what they do makes sense, not some random superpower discovered after believing in oneself =.=

Overall: You would curse the mangaka for not continuing with this amazing story. Watch this anime or read the manga if you want to dream about Nen and Nen monsters everyday ^^

Rating for this anime? 8.5 (which is very humble)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

so very true. Hunter X Hunter is worth the wait but it's excruciatingly painful since Togashi left the manga off at the best part T__T hopefully next year or the later half of this year would show some signs of life left in the series (one of my top favourites of all time).

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