Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tsubasa Chronicles Movie

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy
Plot Summary: In their continuing journey to find the feathers that are the fragments of Sakura's lost memory, Syaoran, Kurogane, Fai, and Sakura move through time and space with Mokona. Here, they visit the "Land of the Birdcage," a seemingly peaceful country where people and birds live together, each person having a bird companion. After a boy named Koruri confuses Syaoran and Sakura for "bodyguards" and attacks them, they learn that the king of the country possesses a mysterious power. Princess Tomoyo, Koruri, and the other oppressed citizens, having had their birds taken from them, live in hiding within the forest. In order to take back Sakura's feather, Syaoran and the others stand up against the scheming king.

Mkv format
Thx to djblue for uploading for Da-Anime ^^

Download here:
Download here. reuploaded 19/6/06

Reuploaded 1/8/06:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

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Plot Summary: D, the famous Dunpeal ("Dhampir," a half-human, half-vampire) hunter, is hired to rescue a woman named Charlotte from the vampire Meier Link. But he has competition in the form of the Markus Brothers, who are also after the same bounty.

thx to Nightmare for uploading for Da-Anime.
5 part rar.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Trinity Blood

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Plot Summary: The background is in the distant future after the destruction brought about by Armageddon. The war between the vampires and the humans continue to persist. In order to protect the humans from the vampires, Vatican has to rely on other allies to counter the situation. The protagonist, a priest called Peter Abel Nightroad, travels through the countries as a representative for the Vaticans. However, he is also part of "Ax", a special operations group controlled by the Cardinal Catherina. His encounter with a young girl called Esther will determine the struggle and survival between the human race and the vampires.

24 episode
savi format
1-8 ~172 MB
9, 225 MB
10-24 ~139 MB
thx to harold for uploading for Da-Anime!

Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Episode 3:
Episode 4:
Episode 5:
Episode 6:
Episode 7:
Episode 8:
Episode 9:
Episode 10:
Episode 11:
Episode 12:
Episode 13:
Episode 14:
Episode 15:
Episode 16:
Episode 17:
Episode 18:
Episode 19:
Episode 20:
Episode 21:
Epi 21 mirror:
New Episode 21 mirror:
Episode 22:
Episode 23:
Episode 24:

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

The story takes place two years after the end of Final Fantasy VII. The planet has become a more peaceful place, cities seem to be in ruins but are being reconstructed. However, many of the survivers or Meteor have been affected by Geostigma (a disease of relatively unknown origins).
Cloud feels some guilt as to what he had done in attempting to save the world. Was it the right thing to do? Was it all worth it. He feels alone in the world as it is now. He hasn't been able to overcome his guilt of Aeris's death.
Cloud is informed about three mystery men (Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz) that are trying to revive Jenova. They, like Cloud, have Jenova cells coursing though their bodies. Jenova is an evil entity that has the power to destroy the world and Cloud is called upon to stop that from happening, since he is the only one who has the power to do so.

Split into 4 parts, use winrar.
Avi format. ~700MB.
Thx harold for uploading this for Da-Anime! ^^

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

English dub. RMVB version:
Part 1:
Part 2:

English dub. Avi version. After downloading, rename extension from .zip to .avi.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ranma ½: Big Trouble in Nekonron, China

s lImage Hosted by

Plot Summary: All is well at the Tendo residence when from out of nowhere, a Chinese girl named Lychee appears, seeking revenge on Happosai for a broken promise made since her birth. Things get worse when Kirin and the Seven Lucky Gods appear and abduct Akane to take as his wife. Ranma and the gang must travel to Nekonron, China, and save Akane from getting married to Kirin.

2 CDs. MKV file. Dual Audio. English subs.
CD1 is split into 2 part rar file. Use winrar to open.
Matrovsky codec pack needed to watch the movie.
1.2GB in total.
Rar pass:

CD 1 part1:

CD1 part2:

CD1 mirror uploaded by axelseap for Da-Anime:;5321154;;/fileinfo.html


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Saint Seiya - Heaven Chapter

Plot Summary: After the Saints' victory against Hades, Seiya is left wounded and motionless in a wheel chair with no possible chance of recovery. Athena's sister Artemis, the Virgin Goddess of the Moon and twin sister of Apollo, makes an elaborate proposal - to restore Seiya's physical health in exchange for the supremacy of Sanctuary. Athena accepts and Artemis and her "Knights of the Sky" swiftly take control of Sanctuary. Now Seiya and his fellow Bronze Saints combat the forces of Zeus to regain their homeland but it will not be so easy. Bronze Saints Hydra Ichi and Unicorn Jabu, and Silver Saint Ophiuchus Shaina have join forces with Artemis and Apollo.

Around 300MB rmvb format.
2 Part rar file.
Extract with winrar then play with Real Alternative.

part 1:
part 2:

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Full Metal Panic TV

Plot Summary: Sousuke Sagara, a seventeen year old military specialist working for the secret organization MITHRIL, has been assigned to protect the latest "Whispered" candidate Kaname Chidori. To complete this task Sousuke will have to deal with enemies from his past as well as the occasional panty thief. Unfortunately for Sousuke, the toughest part of his mission isn't only protecting Miss Chidori but also getting used to living an average High School students life, no easy task for someone raised on the battlefield.

files are .avi and around 230mb. there are a total of 24 episodes. just download and unrar the files.
reuploaded by axelseap. thx man!

Episode 01:;5209892;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 02:;5209928;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 03:;5209975;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 04:;5210017;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 05:;5210091;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 06:;5210135;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 07:;5210162;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 08:;5210208;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 09:;5210249;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 10:;5210280;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 11:;5210319;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 12:;5210349;;/fileinfo.html
Epi 12 (reup):
Episode 13:;5210381;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 14:;5210416;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 15:;5210449;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 16:;5210488;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 17:;5210530;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 18:;5210609;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 19:;5210643;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 20:;5210698;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 21:;5210759;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 22:;5210786;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 23:;5210824;;/fileinfo.html
Episode 24:;5210860;;/fileinfo.html

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ranma ½: Nihao My Concubine

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Plot Summary: Ranma and the gang are invited to a boating trip with Kuno. Unfortunately, a storm destroys the yacht and everyone is stranded on a remote island. The whole situation goes even more awry when one by one, the girls disappear without a trace. Ranma then finds out that the girls are abducted by Toma, ruler of the island, as part of his personal harem.

MKV format. 700+MB. 4 part rar file.
Both english and jap audio available. English subs available too.
Rar pass:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

Saturday, April 15, 2006

El Hazard - The Magnificent World

Plot Summary: When Makoto Mizuhara discovers an old monument in his school and awakens a beautiful woman, he, his teacher, his worst enemy and one of his female friends is transported to the magnificent world of El Hazard. There they discovers that they have received some special powers. Makoto and his teacher Fujisawa lands in a jungle and saves a princess from some large bugs. Makotos friend Nanami lands in a desert. And Makotos rival, Jinnai lands in the middle of the bug’s kingdom and becomes their general, plotting to destroy Makoto and his new friends.

RMVB Format.
DVD Rip Quality.
Prequel of El Hazard - The Alternative World.
The series is split into 2 OVAs.
1st OVA has 7 episodes, each called a "night".
2nd OVA is the ending and has 4 episodes.

OVA 1:
1st Night:
2nd Night:
3rd Night:
4th Night:
5th Night:
6th Night:
7th Night:

OVA 2:
Epi 1:
Epi 2:
Epi 3:
Epi 4:

Thursday, April 13, 2006

El Hazard: The Alternative World

Plot Summary: Miz plans to retire as a Great Priestess of Water to married life with her darling Fujisawa and as replacement the young Qawoor Towles arrives to Floristica. Jinnai sees Qawoor's initiation ceremony as a chance to infiltrate Makoto's laboratory but accidentally activates a mysterious thingy that sends them all through the dimensions to a grey industrial city protected by a huge castle in an alternative world.

RMVB format.
Open with Real Media Player or Real Alternative or Media Player Classic.
13 Episodes in total. 80MB per episode.
sequel of El Hazard: The Magnificent World

Epi 1:
Epi 2:
Epi 3:
Epi 4:
Epi 5:
Epi 6:
Epi 7:
Epi 8:
Epi 9:
Epi 10:
Epi 11:
Epi 12:
Epi 13:

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Plot Summary: In a world where time passes at a crawl and the blood of your neighbor runs blue, 17 year old high school student Ayato Kamina goes about his daily life within Tokyo Jupiter oblivious to the world around him, having been educated with the fact that the all civilization but Tokyo has been destroyed. But all that changes when the mysterious civilization "MU" invades his home, raining destruction down from the sky in the form of strange monsters called Dolems. The events that occur next will lead Ayato to the mysterious woman named Reika Mishima, to the truth of their existence, the discovery of what and who he is, and to the powerful angelic robot RahXephon.

RMVB format
75MB per episode
26 episodes in total.
English subbed

Epi 1:
Epi 2:
Epi 3:
Epi 4:
Epi 5:
Epi 6:
Epi 7:
Epi 8:
Epi 9:
Epi 10:
Epi 11:
Epi 12:
Epi 13:
Epi 14:
Epi 15:
Epi 16:
Epi 17:
Epi 18:
Epi 19:
Epi 20:
Epi 21:
Epi 22:
Epi 23:
Epi 24:
Epi 25:
Epi 26: