Saturday, January 13, 2007

Wispy's He Is My Master review

Plot: "He is my master" is the story of two girls who run away from home. With no money and no place to stay they begin looking for a job, to no avail. Eventually they find an advert for some live-in maids outside a huge mansion - perfect! However the owner is (and i quote the title for episode 3) "The Lolicon Uniform Fetishist Who Loves Peeping Pictures and Plays Girl Simulation Games." And then an alligator appears...

This anime is so insane! The plot is so bizarre its just hilarious, the character designs make for an extremely fun and funny anime. I mean from the lolicon uniform fetishist to the cute, funny and way to upbeat 13 year old to the insane father. Everything is just over the top so if your a fan of this genre its one2watch

Personally I don't think I've laughed like this since Golden Boy but for some reason it just doesn't stick out as much - 7/10

Graphics: Nothing really sticks out - the colours are really vibrant however sometimes the character designs seem a bit under-done - 5/10

Music: I didn't like like the music too much but as again its my taste most probably. I'm gona give it a 6/10 just because the brief second you hear the song "I'm a cute maid at a perverts house"

Overall: This is definitely something to watch when your bored and want something funny, it gets a very high 6 (possibly a 7)/10 and recommended to those of you who liked Golden Boy and/or Love Hina

Monday, January 08, 2007

SadistiX's Hunter X Hunter review

Why is this anime amazing? Because it has 10 wiki pages dedicated to discussing the Hunter X Hunter universe. This is evidence that the story in this anime is so compelling and intriguing that people will watch over and over and research it.
I, personally, have watched it 2x, which is a feat, considering that its almost 100 episodes =/

Plot: Dude in some world (alternate dimension) discovers that his dad is the greatest Hunter ever and sets out to find his pop. Even though he is searching for his dad, his dad never once appear. What this is interesting is the amazing world that they leave in, where every day is an adventure, really.
Add to that Nen ability and a complexed system guarding it and commanding its use, you get an AMAZINGLY real story.
10 points for plot

Music: Not much music to speak of. Or, I was too engrossed in the story that I couldn't notice the music?

Graphics: This anime excels by its story, not its graphics, unlike animes like Karas and Zegapain. Besides, this was made wayyyy back.
However, the action in the anime is amazing. Why? Because it is fast-paced and what they do makes sense, not some random superpower discovered after believing in oneself =.=

Overall: You would curse the mangaka for not continuing with this amazing story. Watch this anime or read the manga if you want to dream about Nen and Nen monsters everyday ^^

Rating for this anime? 8.5 (which is very humble)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hoa's Mahou Sensei Negima Review

Yes I am doing this as preparation before watching Negima!? Which is the remake.

Title: Mahou Sensei Negima

Plot: Negi Springfield, a ten year old boy aiming to become a Minister Magi (Mage) has one last obstacle to pass: to teach a class of middle school girls. So he travels from Wales, England to Japan, Mahora Academy to teach. On his way to the school he meets one girl named Kagaruzaka Asuna, the school being all girls and Negi Being 10 years old, she tells Negi that the junior school is one stop ahead. But what she didn't know that he was a magician-to-be and that he would be her homeroom teacher.

Mahou Sensei Negima has a nice storyline to it, rather sweet. The Creator has made it so that the main characters are connected in some way and so it enhances the story line with the fact that they all do know each other but they don't realise it. e.g
The secondary main character Kagaruzaku Asuna whole life has been surrounded by magic and always has bought misfortune to others but to stop this while she was young, a magician called the "Thousand Master" helped her be rid of the misfortune for ten years. But Unknowingly The Thousand Master was in Fact Negi's Father
Even though the story seems rather kiddy, it has more mature facts to it also so it leaves out the middle age group ( 10-14). Also the fact that each and every character has different personalities, mental thought and physical thought adds to the watching experience XD

Nah, didn't like the music except the ED and a few inserts. To me the OP sounds like a Ranma 1/2 rip :/

The graphics suited to the story. but bit off in some places e.g hair colour. But the colours also suited the characters as well e.g Warm colours(red, orange) for more fiery, lively characters and cool colours( blue, purple) for the less lively. Also nothing absurdly insane e.g Porportion wise hair styles.

Mahou Sensei Negima is a heart warming story with everything needed to introduce someone into the slice of life genre and school life.

Story: 8.5
Graphics: 10/10
Music: 6/10
Overall: 7.5/10

IMO this is a must watch for people who are into school life, slice of life and fantasy genre who want a heartwarming story.